Considering Solar Energy Solar Power Offers A Clean And Sustainable Energy Source For Your Business

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Why is everybody going on about solar energy Solar is no longer a futuristic dream; it’s a powerful reality for businesses across the UK. As the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy expects energy costs continue to rise and environmental concerns become ever-pressing, solar power offers a compelling solution.

This article will explore the advantages of solar energy for businesses and delve into how DVC Group Limited can help you make the switch.

Why should my business adopt solar energy Solar power is an enabler for businesses in the UK

There are numerous benefits for businesses to embrace solar energy, or solar power, as it’s often called. Here are some key advantages:
  • Cost Savings: Tired of fluctuating energy bills? Choose solar energy. Solar offers predictable energy costs and long-term savings. The average UK business can save up to £50,000 over 20 years with solar panels. DVC Group’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model eliminates upfront costs, making solar an accessible option for any business.
  • Energy Independence: Fluctuating energy prices can disrupt your budget. Solar panels provide a hedge against volatile energy markets, offering greater control over your power costs. DVC Group, like the Solar Energy UK trade association, have seen that businesses that install solar can expect a return on investment (ROI) of 20% or more.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Looking to enhance your brand image? Invest in solar energy. Solar showcases your environmental responsibility and attracts eco-conscious customers. A recent study by Nielsen found that 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands.
  • Government Incentives: The UK government offers various financial incentives to encourage businesses to adopt solar energy. These include feed-in tariffs and the new Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme, which pays you for the electricity you generate and export to the grid. DVC Group offer a different scheme, see the next point.
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): Don’t pay upfront, whilst enjoying all the benefits of solar. DVC Group’s PPAs eliminate upfront costs and offer fixed-rate solar electricity, letting your business benefit from clean energy without a large initial investment. See more on PPAs here.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Solar energy is a clean and renewable resource, significantly reducing your business’s carbon emissions. A typical commercial solar panel system can offset 20-30 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year. This contributes to a cleaner environment and helps combat climate change.

Are there drawbacks related to solar energy Solar PV isn't quite perfect!

While solar PV offers significant advantages for businesses, there are also some drawbacks to consider:


  • High Initial Cost: Although government incentives can help offset the cost, installing a solar PV system can be expensive upfront. The price varies depending on system size, location, and equipment quality. According to the Energy Saving Trust, in the UK, you can expect to pay around £7,000
    for a typical domestic 3.5kWp system and a  typical commercial solar PV system for small to medium-sized businesses, ranging from 20kW to 50kW, can cost between £16,000 and £70,000, as per GreenMatch.
  • Lower Efficiency in Low Sunlight Conditions: Solar panels are less efficient in cloudy or low-light conditions. While the MetOffice states UK receives decent sunlight hours annually, businesses in northern regions may experience reduced energy generation compared to those in the south.
  • Limited Space Requirements: Installing a solar PV system requires sufficient rooftop space. This can be a limitation for businesses with small or cluttered rooftops. Additionally, shading from trees or nearby buildings can significantly reduce efficiency.
  • Battery Storage Costs: While solar energy can be generated during the day, businesses may require battery storage to utilize the power at night or during peak demand times. However, adding battery storage significantly increases the overall system cost.
  • Maintenance Needs: While generally low-maintenance, solar PV systems require occasional cleaning and inspection to maintain optimal performance. This can involve additional costs.
  • System Degradation: Solar panels experience a slight decrease in efficiency over time, typically around 0.5% to 1% per year. While their lifespan is generally 20-25 years, their energy output gradually diminishes.
  • Recycling Considerations: While solar panels are considered a clean energy source during operation, their disposal requires proper recycling due to the materials used. Improper disposal can pose environmental risks.

So what's the verdict on solar energy Solar is still a viable solution!

Despite these drawbacks, solar is still a viable solution. What do we mean by that? Through different solar schemes like the solar PPA that DVC Group offers, all the drawbacks we’ve listed can be taken-on by a third-party funder. The third party funder will provide solar to you at zero-upfront cost, ensure your solar system is optimised, and include lifetime system maintenance and servicing. Learn more about what a PPA can do for you here.

Embrace solar with DVC Group Limited

DVC Group Limited is your one-stop shop for all your solar energy needs. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from initial site surveys and system design to installation, maintenance, and ongoing guidance and support.

Here’s what sets us apart:

1. Zero Upfront Cost

Our innovative PPA model allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of solar without any upfront investment.

2. Lifetime Maintenance

DVC Group takes care of all your system’s maintenance needs for the PPAs lifetime (typically 10 – 20 years), ensuring optimal performance for years to come.

3. Expert Design

Our team of experienced professionals will design a custom solar system that meets your specific energy needs.

4. Excellent Installation

Our installation teams are fully certified and have installed numerous projects, both complex and large.

5. Guaranteed Performance

We guarantee the performance of your solar system, ensuring you maximize your energy savings.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Solar energy offers a win-win situation for businesses. It reduces your operating costs, strengthens your brand image, and contributes to a greener future.

Contact DVC Group Limited today for a free consultation. Let our team of solar experts show you how your business can harness the power of the sun and unlock a brighter energy future.

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Note: DVC Group is committed to providing tailored solar solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. We are proud to contribute to a greener, cost-effective, and sustainable future. Let’s power your world with the sun!

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