What is a Solar PPA? Power Up Your Profits & Unlock Sustainable Savings

What Is a
Solar PPA?

A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) is a contractual arrangement where a third-party developer owns, operates, and maintains a solar energy system on a customer’s property at zero upfront cost, allowing the customer to purchase the electricity generated by the system at a predetermined rate over a specified period.

The responsibility for this investment is shouldered by a third-party entity or solar service provider. Typically spanning 10 to 25 years, the agreement provides flexibility in payment structures tied to indices like RPI, CPI, or fixed percentages.

Your business commits to a long-term agreement to procure the electricity generated at a predetermined, fixed rate. This shields you from the tumultuous fluctuations in the energy market, ensuring budget predictability and substantial cost savings. In the UK, commercial PPAs typically deliver savings ranging from 10-20%, with some businesses experiencing up to an impressive 40% reduction in energy bills.

Upon the completion of the agreed term, ownership of the solar system seamlessly transfers to the property owner, who then enjoys the continued benefits of green power from a well-maintained solar installation.

Understanding the Solar PPA partnership: roles of key participants

What is a solar ppa

Within the framework of a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), multiple entities collaborate to facilitate the adoption of solar energy while optimising financial benefits.

  • Utility: Ensures continuous electricity service, facilitates PV interconnection to the grid, and offers net metering credits where applicable.
  • Host: Utilises electricity generated from on-site PV systems, with the option to purchase associated Renewable Energy Certificates (ROCs). While providing space and access for the PV system, the host does not own the array.
  • Special Purpose Entity (SPE): Acts as a legal entity to distribute tax benefits, depreciation, ownership, and leasing between the Solar Services Provider and Investors. Host customers sign PPA contracts with the SPE.
  • Solar Services Provider: Coordinates financing, design, and construction of PV systems, processes incentives, and monitors system performance. May also sell associated ROCs and provide maintenance services.
  • Equipment Manufacturer: Generates revenue from system component sales and provides equipment warranties.
  • Installer: May be owned or operated by the Solar Services Provider. Designs and installs PV projects on behalf of the provider and may offer maintenance services under contract with the SPE.
  • Investor: Receives a low-risk return on investment (ROI) from electricity sales and incentives through the SPE. These investors provide capital and own the system for extended periods, typically six or more years. Contributes financing for the construction and operation of PV systems, further enabling the deployment of solar energy solutions.


This collaborative ecosystem ensures the successful deployment, operation, and financial optimisation of solar PV systems under a PPA model, driving sustainable energy adoption and financial benefits for all involved parties.

The key advantages of opting for Solar PPAs for your business include

1. Increased Property Value

Studies indicate that commercial buildings with solar panels boast higher resale values, adding an attractive long-term investment value to your property.

2. Lifetime Maintenance

Entrust panel maintenance and repairs to the experts at DVC Group Limited, offering you peace of mind and freeing up valuable resources for core business operations.

3. Sustainability Leadership

Reduce your carbon footprint and showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility by transitioning to clean, renewable solar energy. Offset thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, significantly enhancing your corporate sustainability profile.

4. Enhanced Savings

Revel in predictably lower electricity costs compared to traditional utility rates, translating into significant financial gains over the PPA term.

Is a Solar PPA the right fit for your business? Consider the following factors

  • Energy Usage: Analyse past bills to determine your average electricity consumption; higher usage typically translates to greater PPA benefits.
  • Long-Term Commitment: PPAs generally span 10-20 years, ensuring long-term cost savings and environmental impact. Evaluate your future plans and ensure you’re comfortable with this commitment.
  • Financial Goals: Weigh potential savings against the long-term agreement and calculate your expected return on investment based on specific PPA terms.

DVC Group Limited, your trusted commercial solar partner

At DVC Group Limited, we comprehend the unique needs of businesses. We offer a range of PPA options tailored to your specific energy consumption, budget, and sustainability goals. With our expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we can help you unlock the power of solar energy, enabling significant cost savings while showcasing your dedication to a sustainable future.

Ready to learn more? Contact DVC Group Limited today for a complimentary consultation and discover how a commercial solar PPA can empower your business to transition to clean, sustainable energy.

Elevate your brand image, save significantly, and contribute to a greener planet – embark on your solar journey with DVC Group Limited!

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