Solar Panel Lease Agreement via PPAs: Huge Win for Tenants

DVC Group offers a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), allowing UK businesses to install solar systems with zero upfront cost. Tenants can bypass the complexity of leased panels and enjoy up to 40% savings on energy costs. To qualify, businesses should have a three-year trading history and landlord approval.

Leasing Solar Panels vs PPAs: Huge Win for Tenants

Discover how your UK business can tap into the power of solar energy without the hurdles of renting. 

Many businesses, unaware of the possibilities, miss out on substantial savings of up to 40%.

Here’s the breakdown…

FREE Solar Panels and Installation for UK Businesses

Transform Your Businesses’ Roof with Solar Power into A Cash Generating Asset.

Ever glanced at a commercial roof devoid of solar panels and wondered why the business isn’t tapping into free savings like others? It’s a missed opportunity—an example of paying more for electricity when there’s a better way.